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>> Product - Oil Filter
Sector Power Plant Tender Value N.A.
Location Punjab - India Ref.No 14684015
Closing Date 23 - Dec - 2015 Login to View Tender Details
Procurement of Elements for filter of 50 LPM capacity Lub Oil System for units 5 & 6 Bowl Mills (HP-803) installed at GGSSTP.
Sector Security Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Punjab - India Ref.No 16078404
Closing Date 14 - Dec - 2015 Login to View Tender Details
Supply of Spare Parts, Leaf Spring 1st Frt, Turbocharger 25 Deg., Turbo Charger, Assy.Turbocharger4sp Bs-Ii, Fuel Filter Element, Starter Motor -12v, Rear Spring Assy, Belt V Ribbed, Tensioner Belt, Water Pump, Pump Water, Clutch Bearing, Wheel Cyl 31.8 Dia Frt, Uj Cross Assy 760, Centre Bolt M12x246x111s9484, 10.9ss9400, Leaf Spring 2nd Frt, Hose (Air Filter Outlet), Speedocable-2450mm(0ia-3.8), Bearing Ball Four Point, Cyl Sleeve Aic Std 700, Assy.Piston Normal, Piston Wiring Normal 70 Dia, Aluminium, Fan Assy, Eng Mounting Pad Front, Liner Cylinder, Engine Overhaul Gasket Kit(697bsii), Set-Bare Piston-697tcic_Bsii, Set In & Exh Valves 697na, Bkt Fuel Filter & Ps Pump, Aifilter Element, Cyl Heaoair Comp940, Aluminium Pipe-Tcto Ic, Oil Filter Element (Spin On) 697 Bsiii, Assywater Pump-Pstg Plastic, Impeller, Assy Thermostat-35diabypass, Kit W~I;Er Pump Repair-, Major 252520100124, Hose-Rad To Water Pump, Assy Drytype Air Filter9m3 Bsiii, Assy Filter Element9m3, Assy Thermostat W'jiggle Pins:83, Deg, Liner Cylinder407, Gasket Cylinder Head, Kit Eng Overhaulgaskets, Kit Decarbonisinggaskets, Ring Gear, Set Main Brg Rs1, Set Iniexh Valves 4sp, Assy.Oil Filter (Spin On), Service Indicator, Engine Mount Pad Front, Cl Pr Plate 310 Dia Coil, Kit Br Lining Frt Std, Speedo Cable 2750 Long., Horn 24v, Horn Disc Type 24v, Horn-24v Offer-Wio Ris Capacitor, Oil Seal, Leaf Spring 3rd Frt, Front Spring Assy, Tie Rod Assy, Needle Roller Bearing, King Pin Upper, Taper Roller Bearing-Hubfront, Outer, Battery Cable, Assy.Batt.Cable +Ve 50 Red 1121lg, Horn 12v Wio Ris Capacitor, Tail Lamp Lh, Assy Tail Lamp Rh Wibulb, Assy Tail Lamp Lh Wibulb, Assy Combi Sw Wiind.Trs & Hsg., Combi Switch, Kit Wiper Motor 17w, Bush, Cross Assy, Flange Yoke, Pressuretransducer, Cab Lamp Assy, Assy Rear View Mirror Outer Rh, Assy Rear View Mirror Outer Lh, Wiper 8lade, Shock Absorber-Cab Mtg Rear, Bearingtaper Roller, Assy.Repair Kit Major 25.4 Dia Micyl, Assy Shock Absorber- Extended, Rear Shock Absorber (Lpilpo), Extended Le, Temp.Gauge Assy., Air Prgauge Assy., Speedometer-O.91, Kit Horn (24v), Assy Tail Lamp Lh Mssl 24v, Assy Tail Lamp Rh Mssl 24v, Assy Combi Switch, Wiper Motor, Wiper Motor 17w, Prplate Coil 310dia Gb40, Assy Front Spring, U Clamp, Assyspare Wheel Carrier, Electronic Flasher Kit (12v) Offer, Bellow, Assy. Clutch Booster 90dia •, Assyjront Shock Absorber, Tie Rod Offer Drg, Water Separator, Gauge Fuel, Temp.Switch, Window Regulator Lh, Speedocable (Jis) 3300mm, Alternator 12v 35a, Clutch Slave Cyl. 25.4 Dia., Shock Absorber Rear, Assy.Tank Unit, Speedometer Lp 407, Handle Outer Rh Rho, Door Lock Lh Rho, Door Lock Rh Rho, Door Handle Outer Lh Rho, Assy.Door Handle Outer Wilock, Rhrhd, Assy.Door Lock L.H., Assy.Door Lock Rh., Window Regulator Lh, Window Regulator Rh, Release Cable Comp Rh, Relay (For Auxiliaries) 12v, Relay Auxiliaries 12v, Hose Clip Big, T.M. Cylinder, Assy Tail Lamp Lh Mssl 12v, Assy Tail Lamp Rh Mssl 12v, Tail Lamp Lh, Rep Kit C M Cyl Maj, Wiper Controller, U J. Cross Kit Lp/Sfc 407, Oisc Assly Clutch (Oia 330), Assy. Clutch 0isc-(7spring) 330 Oia, Assy. Clutch Disc-330 Dia, Asy.Cl.Release Brg-Rhs(Selfcent), Assy Rear View Mirror Outer Wide, Ang, Clutch Disc Assy 1.75 Spline 352 Dia, Clutch Slave Cylinder, Driven Plate Assy.310 Dia. Ph-Iii, Clutch Cover Assy.310 Dia~ Ph-Iii, Pressure Plate 330 Dia Coil Type, Pressure Plate 330 Dia Coil Type, Kit-Brake Lining Front, Assy.L1nedshoe, Auto Slack Adjuster Rh 43mm Offset, Hose A/Filter Outlet, Air Filter Element-Primary, Set Main Brg Rs I, Tube Dipstick, Sleeve Salvage, Gasket Cylinder Head, Tube Dipstick, Kit Lower Engine Gaskets, Set Main Bearing Rs2, Sleeve Wear-Front, Sleeve Wear, Pilot Bearing, Flywheel Bearing Gb-60, Ring Gear-49thk, Kit Insert Exhaust Valve, Kit Insert Intake Valve, Kit Guide Valve Stem Intake, Assy. Water Seperatorwnalve, Element Water Seperator, Fuel Water Separator, A/Filter Element Primary, Heaofuel Filter, Head Fuel Filter, Set Bearing Con Rod Rs2, Set Bearing Con Rod Rs1, Hose Hump, Hose Flexible, Kit Oil Seal, Oil Pump, Seal Oil, Kit Water Pump, Kit Upper Gasket, Viscous Fan 20 Inch, Hose-Raoiator To Wipump, Steering Combi Switch Rho, Assy_ A_C_Connecting Roo With Cap, Bush Front Axle Swivel, King Pin Lower, Winoow Regulator Lh, Winoow Regulator Rh, Assy Rear View Mirror, Assy_Kit For Locks & Key, Spring Assy Cab Mtg Rear, Kit Gaskets Oil Sump, Valve Inlet, Valve Exhaust, Set Piston Rings Sm, Fuel Filter Sec Element, Tube Oil Gauge, Kit Upper Engine Gaskets, Kit Lower Engine Gaskets, Main Bearing Set Wio Tn! Rs 1, Con Roo Bearing Set Rs 1, Con Rod Bearing Set Rs 1, Con Rod Bush Set Sm, M B Set Wio Tiw Ris I, Set-Piston Ring 497ei&1i 20701 Eii&Eiii -, Set Of Bare Piston Piston 697 Na, Slippe, Set Of Piston Rings 697, Set Valve Guides 697 Na-Tc, Ac Piston 94 Dia Wio Ring, Cross Kit With Circlip, Kit - Assy U J Cross, Feed Pump, Feed Pump, Feed Pump Assy 49501, Filter Cover, Hand Priming Pump, Pump Fuel Transfer, Assy Handle, Rr Wicyl
Sector Roads Tender Value INR 3 Lakhs
Location Punjab - India Ref.No 15958394
Closing Date 01 - Dec - 2015 Login to View Tender Details
Supply Of Cat A Spares – Valve Intake, Valve Exhaust, Hose, Dust Indicator, Hose (P-12/F-12), Element Inner, Element Outer, Hose P/28,F-13, Cyl Liner, Brg Thrust Set 0.25mm U/S P-14, Piston, Pin, Piston, Ring Snap, Piston Ring Assembly, Brg Crank Pin 0.25mm U/S P/62, Cartridge, Switch Pressure, Cap Assembly, Valve Intake, Clamp P/26,F13, Cartidge, Hose Fuel, Hose, Element Cartridge, Thermostate, Water Separator, Fan Plastic, V Belt, Coil Spring, Snap Ring P/14,F-8, O Ring P/12,F-11, Connector Exhaust P/28,F/01, Band, Mufler, Band, Centrifugal Oil Filter Assembly, Core Assembly.
Sector Roads Tender Value INR 2 Lakhs
Location Punjab - India Ref.No 15958432
Closing Date 01 - Dec - 2015 Login to View Tender Details
Supply of Cat A Spares – Oil Seal 115x140x16mm, Main Brg Set 0.25u/S, Cam Shaft Bush, V Belt For Dynamo, Leake Of Pipe, Leak Off Connector P/40,F-23, Leak Off Connector, Lub Oil Pump Assembly, Exhaust Valve, Inlet Valve, Le Brg Set 0.25mm U/S (6 Pair), Small End Bush Set (6 Nos), Piston Assembly with Ring Std, Hose Connection P/61 F/4, Rubber Bush, Copper Washer, Bkt For Stop Switch P/59,F-25, Copper Washer, V. Belt Switch P/59 F/31, Starter Ring P/47,F--42, Set Of Joint, Lub Oil Filter P/33, F-12, Ball Brg 6305z, Water Pump Assembly, Thermo State.
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