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>> Product - Oil Filter
Sector Roads Tender Value Rs. 50 Thousand
Location Punjab - India Ref.No 28829774
Closing Date 10 - May - 2018  |  18 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement Of Cat A Spares - Cartridge Lub Oil Filter, Part No. 332/Y3268, Ram Dipper, Part No. 229/00570 / 333/T5358, Bush Maaster, Part No. JRA0105, Pin Master, Part No. JRA0093, Hose, Part No. JRV0339, Hose, Part No. JRV0336, Hose, Part No. JLV0733,
Sector Roads Tender Value Rs. 1 Lakh
Location Punjab - India Ref.No 28826793
Closing Date 08 - May - 2018  |  16 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement Of Cat A Spares - Cable Assy Accel, Part No. 15910m830a0, Pump Assy Fuel, Part No. 15100m830a0, Spark Plug (ngk, Bkr 6e), Part No. 09482-00427 / 09482-, Filter Fuel, Part No. 15410m830ao, Cover Assy Clutch, Part No. 22100m83060, Brg Clutch Release, Part No. 23265-70c00, Joint Assy Universal, Part No. 27200m83810, Spring Assy Front, Part No. 41110m80031, Bush Spring, Part No. 41331m62020, Shock Absorber Assy Front, Part No. 41600m80030, Spring Assy Rear Rh, Part No.41310m80350, Spring Assy Rear Lh, Part No.41310m80360, Caliber Assy Disc Brake, Part No. 55100m70430, Pad, Part No. 55110m70a00, Filter Assy Oil, Part No. 16510m73080, King Pin, Part No. 45610m63001, Bearing, Part No. 09265m15002, Oil Seal, Part No. 0928350002, Bearing, Part No. 09265m41001, Oil Seal, Part No. 0928200002, Absorber Rear Shock, Part No. 41700m80031, Cylinder Assy Master, Part No. 51000m80900, Shoe Set, Part No. 53200m83310, Cylinder Assy Rear Wheel Lh, Part No. 53402m83300, Piston & Boot Set, Part No. 52400m80820.
Sector Roads Tender Value Rs. 1 Lakh
Location Punjab - India Ref.No 28826871
Closing Date 08 - May - 2018  |  16 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement Of Cat A Spares - Kit Lining Set Rear, Part No. 7718aap00410n, Kit Lining Set Front, Part No. 7718aap00010n, Kin Ping R/Kit, Part No. 7603aap00070n, Shock Absorber Front, Part No. 7401gap00011n, Assy First Leaf With Bush, Part No. 7402aaq00020n, Bush Rear Spring, Part No. 7402eap00400n, Cotter Pin, Part No. 7402eap00210n, Oil Filter, Part No. 0303bav00510n, Fuel Filter, Part No. 0305dav00350n, Filter Cartridge Water Seperator, Part No. 7306aap00040n, Water Seperator, Part No. 7306aap00015n, Primary Element, Part No. 6402dab00011n, J Kit, Part No. 6903aaq00020n, Steering Filter, Part No. 7502cap00392n, Assy First Leaf With Bush, Part No. 7401aap00200n
Sector Roads Tender Value Rs. 50 Thousand
Location Punjab - India Ref.No 28832485
Closing Date 08 - May - 2018  |  16 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement Of Cat A Spares - Fuel Filter, Part No. 4080713, Cartridge Fuel Water Seperator, Part No. 3890206, Starter Motor 7M14, 24V, 4.5KW Lucas, Part No. 26024426A, Drive Assy, Part No. 26247130, Drive Assy, Part No. 26247140, Gear Fly Wheel Ring 158 Teeth, Part No. 3901774,
Sector Fertilizers and pesticides Tender Value Rs. 7.11 Lakh
Location Punjab - India Ref.No 28967981
Closing Date 08 - May - 2018  |  16 Days to go View Tender Details
Oil Replacement/Dehydration Of 10.Mva, 11/3.3Kv And 2.0/1.6/1.0/0.5Mva, 11/0.433Kv Transformers In Plant At Nfl
Sector Security Services Tender Value Rs. 9.95 Lakh
Location Punjab - India Ref.No 28893067
Closing Date 03 - May - 2018  |  11 Days to go View Tender Details
Purchase Of Spare Parts For Tata 1613 And 1212 Truck Bs 2 - 2525 0199 01 91 Engine Overhaul Gasket Kit (Bs Ii), 252701103727 Liner, 252503107940 Crank Shaft Std.(Integral Type), 252503150125 Assy Con. Rod (Std) With Bush, 252505100145 Assy Camshaft With Cyl Pin, 3520540205 Valve Push Rod Inlet & Exhaust, 3120500231 Assy Rocker Arm Shaft, 2534 0310 78 01 Seal (Crankshaft Front), 2534 0515 34 02 Valve Guide Inlet Std., 2534 0515 34 15 Valve Guide Exhaust Std., 2534 0513 99 02 Valve Tappet, 2534 0515 99 09 Valve Guide Seal (Inlet), 2534 0515 99 10 Valve Guide Seal (Exhaust), 2525 0599 01 03 Set Inlet & Exhaust Valve, 2525 0311 01 26 Assy. Flywheel With Ring Gear (15 Degree Mark ), 312 994 02 32 Locking Plate, 2534 0310 31 02 Ball Bearing, 2525 0313 86 03 Spacer, 8854 0308 25 25 Kit, Crankshaft Sealing Ring With Locating Pins, 8854 0372 25 25 Main Bearing Set (Rs I), 8854 0373 25 25 Main Bearing Set (Rs Ii), 8854 0376 25 25 Thrust Washer Set (Std), 8854 0377 25 25 Thrust Washer Set (Rs-I), 2525 0399 01 48 Bare Piston Set Std Bs Ii, Slipper, 885404012525 Set Of Bare Piston Std, 2525 0399 01 55 Set Of Piston Ring Std, 885403031613 Piston Ring Set Std Bs-Ii, 8854 0368 25 25 Con. Rod Bush Set Std, 8854 0362 25 25 Bearing Set For Con. Rod Std, 8854 0364 25 25 Bearing Set For Con. Rod. Rs I, 8854 0504 25 25 Set Of Bearings Camshaft, 252507140164 Assy Set Of High Pressure Lines (Rotary Fip), 252507140139 Assy Fuel Leakage Line, 252007148001 Hollow Screw, F002a50025 Assy Feed Pump(Mechanical), 252509120239 Fuel Water Separator Spin On, 9451037409 Paper Filter Insert Stage Ii, 252509140114 Assy Air Filter, 2525 0913 01 17 Cartridge (Outer) Primary, 2525 0914 01 11 Cartridge (Inner) Secondary, 3521300116 Assy Connecting Rod (Air Compressor), 885413262525 Bush (Con Rod A/C), 8854 1310 25 25 Assy. Piston Std. (W/O Rings), 885403011613 Set Of Bare Piston Std, 8854 1313 25 25 Set Of Piston Rings, 2525 1399 01 05 Repair Kit, Air Compressor, 252518170192 Assy Oil Outlet Tube With Hose(Crimped), 2525 1813 01 39 Assy. Oil Filter Bs Ii, 252514510111 Turbocharger(Tel)K27-3262 Mga12:22 25deg, 252514115308 Gasket Exhaust Manifold, 252550100360 Radiator Assy, 252520100124 Assy. Water Pump (Plastic Impeller), 252520156306 V Belt Cogged 1325 Long, 272425600160 Assy. Clutch Realease Bearing With Sleeve, 272425400138 Assy. Clutch Pressure Plate (330 Dia), 2724 2520 01 63 Assy. Clutch Disc (330 Dia), 265129107703 Rubber Cover, 265129100118 Offer Drg.19.05 Dia.Clutch M/C.With Bottle, 264129200115 Assy Minor Repair Kit (90 Dia Booster), 265129100148 Minor Kit Cl Master Cylinder, 206730107501 Cover For Accel. Pedal, 261832300101 Assy Front Shock Absorber, 257432308602 Bush (Front Shock Absorber), 350572012301 Glass Door, 0427250025j Velvetised Rubber Channel, 350572050111 Regulator Rh, 350572050110 Regulator Lh, 265472300162 Assy. Handle [Window Regulator], 350552074201 Rubber Fastener For Bonnet, 350582040104 Assy Wiper Blade, 350559050105 Assy Marker Pole (Judgement Rod), 257415104901 Bearing Bush Ce, 263241307501 Rubber Housing, 263241303105 Sealed Centre Bearing, 885441211612 Assy Cross Kit, 264143700147 Dual Brake Vavle Voss (Scl), 264143700126 Repair Kit Dual Brake Vavle, 278243700149 Quick Release Valve Voss-Wt Adaptor, 263242910189 Repair Kit Quick Release Valve, 263243700112 Grad Hand Control Valve(Lp Swit&Voss), 263243910171 Repair Kit Graduated Hand Brake Valve, 278242100106 Brake Chamber (Scl-Type 24), 278243700145 Spring Brake Actuator-Voss-24/75, 263243910169 Repair Kit Spring Brake Actuator Type-24/75, 275243700107 Spring Brake Actuator Type-24/24(V+V), 504243990102 Spring Brake Actuator T24/24 Minor No-1 , 504243990103 Spring Brake Actuator T24/24 Minor No.2, 265146600102 Assy U.J. Steering, 207846000107 Assy Drag Link, 260020156302 V Belt (Cogged) 980 Mm, 218749100103 Assy Muffler (Nt6a), Tata 1212 Bs Ii Truck, 885401052516 Engine Overhaul Kit W/O Valves For Tcl Engine, 278620999933 Upper Engine Gasket Kit, 278601999993 Lower Engine Gasket Kit , 278601999916 Sleeve Salvage (Standard Bore), 278605999959 Seal Valve Stem, 278601999926 Valve Intake, 278601999928 Valve Exhaust, 278601990118 Gasket Cylinder Head, 278601999936 Guide Valve Stem Intake, 278601999937 Guide Valve Stem Exhaust, 257654209930 Pressure Transducer, 275454309901 Temperature Transducer, 278603990147 Assy Crankshaft, 278601999801 Set Of Main Bearing (Std), 278601999802 Set Of Main Bearing (Rs I), 278603990106 Set Of Main Bearing (Rs Ii), 278603999907 Sleeve Wear (Front), 278603999908 Sleeve Wear (Rear), 278603990175 Assy Con. Rod, 278603999973 Set Of Bare Piston Std, 278603999977 Set Of Piston Rings Std, 278603990176 Kit Connecting Rod Brg Std, 278603990182 Kit Connecting Rod Brg 0.25, 278603990183 Kit Connecting Rod Brg 0.50, 278603993401 Bush Con. Rod, 278607989925 Assy Flywheel, 278603999989 Gear Flywheel Ring, 278603999945 Ball Bearing (Flywheel), 278605997905 Camshaft, 278605999913 Tappet Valve, 278605999926 Rod Push, 278615999816 Switch,Temperature, 2786
Sector Roads Tender Value Rs. 2 Lakh
Location Punjab - India Ref.No 29028635
Closing Date 27 - Apr - 2018  |  5 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply Of Stores For Ashok Leyland Eng - Bolt Cylinder Head Cover F3584915, Liner Cylinder S/S Outer Dia ' X' F3435122, Thrust Washer Kit O/S 0.25 P0915351, Assy Piston Standard P/15 F-01 F-3109251, Element Oil Filter F-4034200, Overhauling Gasket Kit Make Dyna Se P-2605617, Ring Gear P/19 F/28 F0741822, Composit Valve Kit P/07 F/19 P0946651, Oil Pump B7018701, Bearing Kit Conecting Rod Rs I P929151, Bushing Connecting Rod F0536130, S/A Of Vane Pump Coolant B7016005, Cam Bush Kit P0976551, Ring Set Consist Of 4set P3108851, V Belt F0330950, Bushing For Gear Idler F536030, Over Flow Pipe B7019408, Crank Shaft F3347311, Sub Assy Water Pump P/56 F/01 B7739401, Bushing Connecting Rod F0536130, Assy Piston Set Std F3109251/ P3109251, Oil Seal For C/Shaft Front 24749100, Cam Bush Kit P8100534, S/A Of Connecting Rod B7014001, Con Rod Brg Kit Std P0920851, Main Brg Kit Std P0928851, Liner Cyl S/S Outer Dia "Z" F3435322, Valve Inlet F4230411, Valve Exh F4230511, Main Brg Rs I F0218210, Engine Set P 2603451, Overhaule Gasket Kit P 3101651, Head Clamping Screw 4796457, Nut F3503315310, Cyl Linner Std P0904451, Oil Seal P/22 F/17 F2713500, Micro Filter Inset P1301540, Pre Filter Inncert P1301240, Sealing Ring P1300917, Sub Assy Water Pump B2027902, Shrouded Thermostate F7473300, Connecting Rod Brg Rs I P/18 F/53 F0230630, Starter Ring P/15 F/11 F0740022, O Ring P/10 F/11 F2734500, Cog Belt Fenner P/89 F/08 P0331050, Oil Pump Assy B000901, Sub Assy Of Oil Delivery B2073801, Assy Of Oil Return Pipe B2073802, Tappet Push Rod F4330022, Locking Plate F30908111, Guide S/A Oil Level P/3, F-9 B-7713801, Startor Gear F0741822, Fly Wheel Housing F1866022, Fan Adopter F1200742, Allen Screw H1110608, Piston Ring Repair Kit P1007651,
Sector Railways Transport Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Punjab - India Ref.No 28849991
Closing Date 26 - Apr - 2018  |  4 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Oil Filter, Air Filter, Bearing Kit As Per Part No-1092000232
Sector Roads Tender Value Rs. 4 Lakh
Location Punjab - India Ref.No 28985331
Closing Date 26 - Apr - 2018  |  4 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply Of Stores Item - Cartridge Oil Filter 31z5180443, Seal Rear 30z3280842, Crank Shaft 30z3150075, Cartridge Fuel Filter 41z7181537, Element Assy 31z1200272, Brg Main 0.50 Mm U/S 30z3100324,
Sector Railways Transport Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Punjab - India Ref.No 28710768
Closing Date 25 - Apr - 2018  |  3 Days to go View Tender Details
supply of Oil Filter element as per part no .6.3461.0 of kesar compressor model sxc- 6
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