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>> Product - Oil Filter
Sector Security Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Punjab - India Ref.No 24335221
Closing Date 04 - Sep - 2017  |  16 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement of spare parts of 75 HP 4 Stroke Mariner Brand (EFI) OBMs - Spare Part No.879885t & S/S Part No 879885q Fuel Filter @ 2 Spare Part No.877761q01 Filter Oil Spare Part No.828816 Gasket Spare Part No.8288181 Plug-Drain Spare Part No.79953q2 & S/S Part No 79953q04 Screw-Drain @2, Spare Part No.191833 Seal - Blue @ 15 Spare Part No.898829001 Plug Lfr 4a-E @10 Spare Part No.8m0006027 & S/S Part No 8m0041571 Injector - Fuel Spare Part No.879885t01 - Coil - Pencil, Spare Part No.880596t55 Fuel Pump H/P Spare Part No.880596t58 - Fuel Pump Lift Spare Part No.880596503 Regulator Spare Part No.880596502 Seal Spare Part No.880596524 & S/S Part No 8m6000359 Float Spare Part No.878231t05 Harness - Fuse Spare Part No.83296920 & S/S Part No 832969t20 - Fuse - Yellow - 20 Amp Spare Part No.8329692 Fuse - Gray - 2 Amp Spare Part No.83296915 & S/S Part No 832969t15 Fuse Blue - 15 Amp Spare Part No.8329695 & S/S Part No832969t05 Fuse - Tan - 5 Amp Spare Part No.8m0024563 - Gasket Spare Part No.817275a2 Housing - W/P Upper Spare Part No.814080001 Seal Spare Part No.43026q06 Repair Kit - W/P Spare Part No.43035a4 Seal Kit Spare Part No.43024a7 Repair Kit - W/P Spare Part No.42461a1 Sleeve/Ring Kit Spare Part No.897525t05 & S/S Part No 87910a85 Starter Motor Kit Spare Part No.817109a2 Solenoid Kit, Spare Part No.897795a01 Hose Assembly Spare Part No.8m0012211 & S/S Part No 8m0072517 Hose Spare Part No.8m0012213 & S/S Part No.8m0072518 Hose Spare Part No.892864t06 Housing Thermostat , Spare Part No.8283582 & S/S Part No 8m0082988 Sensor Assy Spare Part No.881070t Sensor Spare Part No.897447002 & S/S Part No 8m6000634 Sensor Spare Part No.854445 Sensor (Map) Spare Part No.897526t Iac Valve Spare Part No.891663001 Sensor Assy - Temp Spare Part No.880609 & S/S Part No.8m0011987 Sensor Spare Part No.885342002 Sensor Assy - Temp Spare Part No.896277006 & S/S Part No8m0024565 Gasket - Head Spare Part No.897534a07 Gasket Set Spare Part No.8m0005405 Gasket Spare Part No.77344a45 Propeller Spare Part No. 8m0008617 Hose Spare Part No.897575t01& S/S Part No8m0082911 Filter - Air Spare Part No.897977a18 Cable T/Sg1 18 Ft, Spare Part No.892893 Seal Spare Part No.8m0001457 Seal @ 2 Spare Part No.824015 Cup, Spare Part No.82053m Pin - Cotter @ 2 Spare Part No.859082 O Ring Spare Part No.897574001 & S/S Part No.897574q01 Belt Spare Part No.884545a02 Canister - Vent Spare Part No.8m0001824 & S/S Part No .8m0081798 Purge Vent Assy Spare Part No.8m0005986 Cable - Throttle Spare Part No.8348084 Strainer Spare Part No.888807 Follower -Cam Spare Part No.19917 Cam –Shift.
Sector Security Services Tender Value Rs. 1 Million / 10 Lakh
Location Punjab - India Ref.No 24434386
Closing Date 29 - Aug - 2017  |  10 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement of Workshop And Sanitation Articles for Year 2017 2018 - Fan Belt, Tata 1210 Se (Fanner), Fan Belt, Jeep Mohindra(Fanner), Diesel Mobile Oil Filter Kit, Tata 1210 (Fanner), Master Cylinder Repair Kit, Tata 1205 Se ( Tvs), Diesel Filter MobiOil Filter , Excort 335 Tractor(Mico), Tappet Cover Gaskit, Tata 1210 Se( Victor), Wheel Cylinder Repair Kit Tata 1210 ( Tvs), Wheel Cylinder Complete, Tata 1210 (Tvs), Clutch Plate Tata 1210 Se ( Ca/Mico), Pressure Plate Repair Kit , Tata 1210( Ca/Mico), Diesel Filter Pipe Set Tata 1210 Se ( Tata) , Clutch Release Bearing, Tata 1210 Se ( Skf), Clutch Plate Jeep ( Mahindra)( Mica), Steering Seal, Tata 1205 Se( Tata/ Skf), Steering Warm, Tata 1210 Se( Tata/Telco), Air Compressor Kit & Gasket, Tata 1210 Se ( Telco), Radiator Hose Pipe, Tata 1210 Se ( Telco), Propeller Shaft Belt, Tata 1210 Se ( Tvs), Brake Hose Pipe, Tata 1210 Se ( Tata), Tie Rod End, Tata 1210 Se ( Eye Brand), Valve With Valve Guide, Tata 1210 Se ( Evl), "Main Big End Bearing Set, Tata 1210 Se, ( Kirloskar), ", Uj Cross Eye Brand, Tata 1210 Se( Eye Brand), Yoke And Teeth, Tata 1210 Se ( Tata), "Connecting Rod Bush, Tata 1210 Se, ( Kirloskar), ", Main Oil Seal, Tata 1210 Se( Super/ Mico), Timing Oil Seal, Tata 1210 Se ( Super/ Mico), Water Body , Tata 1210 Se ( Tata), Water Body Mahindra Jeep ( Mahindra Packing), "Cylinder Linner For Tata 1210 Se , ( Kirloskar), ", Piston For Tata 1210 Se( Ipl/ Mehta), Piston Ring ( Gods/ Usha), Piston Pin( Mico) Ring Complete, Thrust Washer ( Anank/ Benara), "Engine Gasket Kit, Tata 1210 Se Complete, ( Telbras/ Victor), ", Sheel Cylinder For Jeep ( Tvs), Wheel Bearing Rear, Tata 1210 Se ( Skf/ Nbc) Big, Rear Axle, Tata 1210 Se ( Eye Brand), Silencer Dholki With Tail Pipe, Tata 1210 Se ( Tata) Complete, Electric Horn, 12 Volt( Mics/ Jalwa), Road Spring Leaf, Tata 1210 Se ( Tata), Nylon Bush ( Best Quality), Teffon Bush ( Best Quality), Silencer Dholki Jeep ( Exide), Cam Shaft Bush, Tata 1210 Se ( Kirloskar), Air Cleaner Hose Pipe, Tata 1210 Se( Best Quality), Servo Cylinder Repair Kit, Tata 1210 Se( Best Quality), Iron Sheet For Sullage Water Tank, 8’ X4’,10 Gauge, 8’ X3’( Best Quality), "Differential Oil Seal, Tata 1210 Se , ( Mico)", Gear Box Seal ( Super Oil Seal), Gear Box Top Shaft Bearing( Nbc/ Skf), Gear Box Centre Shaft Bearing( Nbc/ Skf), Counter Gear, Tata 1210 Se ( Gajra), Half Counter Gear, Tata 1210 Se ( Gajra), Brake Leather With Revet, Tata 1210 Se ( Tvs / Ferdo), Feed Pump( Mico), Head Light Bulb, 12 Volt ( Bosch), Air Control Regulator ( Tvs / Tata), Master Cylinder Complete, Tata 1210 Se( Tvs / Tata), Auto Micer Nozzle, Tata 1210 Se (Mico), Pump Jain Kit(Mico), Pump Seal(Mico), Auto Miser Body, Tata 1210 Se (Mico), Hydraulic Cylinder Pressure Pipe ( Best Quality), Hose Pipe, 63 Mm, 30 Mtr With Male & Female ( Best Quality), Suction Pipe Dia 2-1/2”/2” X 25’ Long 75mm (Best Quality), Gi Wire (Best Quality), Pvc Bush ( Best Quality), Sluice Valve 4” ( Best Quality), Starter Contactor ( Best Quality), G M Bush 3” ( Best Quality), G M Bush 2” ( Best Quality), Iron Chain 5' Long ( Best Quality), Motor Flinch ( Best Quality), Shaft Sleeve ( Best Quality), Self Carbon, Self Garrari, Self Armature Wensing Complete, Flexible Pipe Cosmo 25 Ft Long, Front Mirrior Rubber, Fog Light, Fly Wheel Ring, Shaft Rubber, Clutch Plate Tata -S, Clutch Plate Tractor, Self Rocker Plate, Horn Relay, Self Bush, Un Serviceable Cap, Engine Oil Best Quality, Shaft Coupling, Centre Bearing, Lift Oil Pipe, Gear Chilm, Gear Holder, Oil Meter Pipe, Shaft Boult, Diesel Tank Filter, Main Brake Pipe, Rear Shoe Complete, Rear Wheel Bearing, Wheel Bearing Seal, Exide Battrey 9 Plate, Exide Battrey 17 Plate, Exide Battrey 25 Plate, Top Speed Gerrari, Gear Spring, Exide Battrey 11 Plate, Stearing Bearing , Self Hosing , Front Wheel Bearing, Water Pump Bearing, 2nd Gear Idlear, 4th Gear Idlear, Stearing Rubber Ring, Top First Gear, Head Stud, Engine Pipe With Nozel, Engine Sleave With Rubber Ring, Tappet Set Complete, Basket Pilchi /Shah Tut(Best Quality), Gum Boot( As Per Sample) (Best Quality), Iron Panja(Best Quality), Iron Belcha(Best Quality), Iron Datri (Best Quality), Iron Ring For Broom (Best Quality), Axes ( Big And Small) (Best Quality), Cutter ( Aari) (Best Quality), Grass Cutting Wire For Bush Cutter Machine(Best Quality), Iron Kassi (Best Quality), Geru (Best Quality), Munj (Best Quality), Iron Sword Heavy, Iron Gainty, Gainty Handle, Kasi Handle , Mustard Oil (P-Mark/ Ginny), Tree Guard Height - 6 Feet, Iron Tasla, Iron Garden Fountain , Barbad Wire Best Quality, Cement Pole, G.I.Wire, Steel Wire, Cement Pole Clump, Wall Clump, Iron Bracket, Wheel Barrow With 10 Gauge Sheet (Best Quality), Angle Iron (40*40,50*50), Dry Fodder, Green Fodder, Rose Cutter, Hedge Cutter, Iron Fouri (Heavy).
Sector Roads Tender Value Rs. 9.80 Lakh
Location Punjab - India Ref.No 24437018
Closing Date 25 - Aug - 2017  |  6 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Hose (350478), 1.02hose (00350524a, 1.03tank Cap (00211249), 1.04tank Cap (00228060, 1.11water Filter (00274097), 1.12o Ring (00276081a), 1.13o Ring (00337609), 1.14hose (369438), 1.15hydraulic Hose (3110115), 1.16hose Clamp (00297267), 1.17water Pump (00851124a), 1.19shaft Seal (00280402), Help, Tender Inviting Authority: Commander Western Base Workshop (Gref), Contract No: 81282/Lp/Cat A/Cv Ch/177/Wbw/17-18 Dated 10 Aug 2017, 1.05strainer Fuel Tank (36f3005), 1.06throttle Cable (36c3039a), 1.07gasket P/26 F/12 (00272426), 1.08rubber Metal Buffer (00324353), 1.09scraper P/30 F/14 (00460087), 1.1hexagon Screw (00211869), 1.18rubber Metal Buffer (00354082a), 1.2acuatting Cable (00778087a), Hose Suction (3132108), 1.22hose( 3108070), 1.23hyd Hose (3116130), 1.24hose (273988), 1.25hose (371211), 1.26hose P/56 F/25(350486), 1.27hose(31103500), 1.28hose(3108100), 1.29rubber Metal Buffer(00249483), 1.3cover P/56(430781), 1.31scraper Mounting Plate(36c2011a), 1.32reflux Valve P/36 F/17(00746827), 1.33hexagon Screw(01217410), 1.34hexagon Nut P/64(00216143), 1.35hexagon Screw(00214051), 1.36safety Nut(00353647), 1.37hyd Hose(3110090), 1.38air Cleaner Hose (P-24)(C7401236), 1.39air Cleaner Hose (P-24)(C7401238), 1.4o Ring(576476), 1.41hose(3108068), 1.42cover(00430773a), 1.43hose(333840), 1.44sae Flange Half(267457), 1.45hose(3132076), 1.46sae Flange Half(287199), 1.47flexible Exhaust Tube(C7402646), 1.48turning Handle(00358398), 1.49sae Flange Half(00264757), 1.5half Clip(36c4037), 1.51scraper Mounting Plate(36c2013a), 1.52o Ring(00576476), 1.53valve Vibration(Pp11106), Collector Pre Cleaner Assy(06.550.20.0.00), 1.55element(, 1.56vacuator Valve(, 1.57hex Bolt(B1.12x40-10.9.G), 1.58screw Allen(58.10x35-12.9g), 1.59bolt Alen(58-10-100), 1.6gear Pump(230081.00), 1.61centra Coupling(46b3020), 1.62water Level Indicator(36-C-L-002), 1.63oil Level Gauge(922552), 1.64o Ring(576478/00576476), 1.65hose(00107441), 1.66air Cleaner(, 1.67hose(C83636943800), 1.68hose(C8hn45163500), 1.69expansion Bellow(3bc-3-011), 1.7screw Allen(58.10x35), 1.71sprinkle Nozzle(0394297), 1.72hose(C8hc310807000), 1.73hose Suction(C8hc31321450), 1.74hexagon Nut P/64(00216453), 1.75hose (3120045), 1.76hose (350443), 1.77hose (312584), 1.78hose (312055), 1.79hose (369411), 1.8hose (333956), 1.81hyd Hose(3108410), 1.82hose (3108052), 1.83water Level Indicator(C836c2002000), 1.84hose (3110190), 1.85flexible Exhaust Tube(C7402646), Hose (350664a), 1.87dowty Seal (95601009), 1.88rotary Group Hyd Sec(P-305), 1.89cradle (7800001.134), 1.9plain Roller Bearing (7800001102), 1.91cradle Brg Assy (7800001.137), 1.92shaft Seal Ring 40x62x6 (Pp1110202), 1.93rotary Group Hyd (Pp1123554), 1.94internal Gear Pump (Pp1110107), 1.95wear Plate Complete Kp (Pp1123553, 1.96locking Plug (Pp11235178), 1.97seal Kit Internal Gear Pump (Pp1123506), 1.98control Plate (Pp11235.71), 1.99craadle Kc (Pp1123.157), 2bearing Linner (101x108x15) - Pp1123549, 2.01plain Roller Brg Nup 40x108x15 (Pp11235110), 2.02cradle Brg Assy Set (Pp11235.171), 2.03shaft Seal Ring (Pp1110102), 2.04bearing Inner (Pair) (7800001038), 2.05screw Allen (S810x35), 2.06hose (31162750), 2.07fuel Pipe (34151040), 2.08fuel Filter (0365620000), 2.09hose (4520305), 2.1hose (3110190), 2.11seal Kit Consist (Sdm2378.000), 2.12safety Filter Element (814256/4814503000), 2.13primary Filter Element (814257/48114502000).
Sector Roads Tender Value Rs. 2.25 Lakh
Location Punjab - India Ref.No 24437077
Closing Date 25 - Aug - 2017  |  6 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Stores - Oil Filler Cap/F1100160 1.02stud For Exhaust Manifold Mounting/F3769315, 1.03stud For Nozzle Holder/F3769815, 1.04composite Valve Seat Kit/P0946451, 1.05bolt For Camshaft Rear End Plate/F3585515, 1.06cam Shaft Bush Kit/P0915451, 1.07gasket Kit Fs3104dsxeuro Ii Dyna Se/P2605217, 1.08bush Connecting Rod/X0501930, 1.09bearing Set Con Rod 0.25 U/S/P0924651, 1.12bolt For Fly Wheel Mountng/F3583515, 1.13washer Soft For Oil Drain Plug/F4930060, Seal ,Valve Stem/X2702600, 1.16oil Cooler Element - 5- Plate Arran/F7824900, 1.17element Oil Filter/X4000600, Reed Valve Assy. Compresssor/P1008739, Piston Assy. Compressor Std./P1007551, 1.22pressure Transducer Switch/X7809300, 1.23oil Seal (P-21, F-08)/X2705100, 1.24seal Oil For Crank Shaft Front/X2706700, 1.25s/A Of Gauge Oil Level/B9227101, 1.26clutch Withdrawl Bearing/F0201410, 1.27, 1.29minor Rep Kit/P1007351, 1.37s/A Of Oil Pump/B8791001, Total In Figures, , Quoted Rate In Words, 14'' Ceramic Clutch Disc/B1304201, 1.2814'' Rcd Clutch Cover S/A With F410/B1301501, 1.3Oil Filter Disposal/F7a01500, 1.31main Brg Set N0.25 U/S/P-0928951, 1.32bolt Fly Wheel Hsg To Block/L1011409, 1.33piston Ring R/Kit Std P/10 S/49/P 1007651, 1.34maj Rep Kit Std Ac P/101,F/46/P1007451, 1.35eng Set (Ipl Make)/P2620551, 1.36liner Cyl S/S Outer Dia 'Y'/X3404422, 1.38s/A Of Pump Coolant/B8760406, 1.39composite Valve Kit/P0946551, 1.4thrust Washer Set Std/P0990951, 1.41liner Cyl S/S Outer Dia 'X'/X3404322, 1.42liner Cyl S/S Outer Dia 'W'/X3404222, 1.43main Brg Set S-3/P2605102, 1.44con Rod Brg U/S 2/P2605602.
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