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Sector Power Plant Tender Value N.A.
Location Punjab - India Ref.No 20613618
Closing Date 29 - Dec - 2016  |  18 Days to go View Tender Details
Break-down, periodical, preventive and shut down maintenance of 220KV switchyard, 66KV and allied equipment like superstructures, cables etc. of GHTP stage-l and ll and operation and maintenance of Transformer oil filtration sets under sub-station maintenance cell as per detailed scope in tender specification for a period of one year.#*. Break-down, periodical, preventive and shut down maintenance and annual overhauling of 2x210MW and 2x250MW turbo generator, HT and LT motors in main plant area, 16.50 KV, 15.75 KV, 6.6 KV and 415 V bus ducts, EOT cranes / hoists etc. and operation and general cleanliness of lifts / elevators of GHTP stage-l and ll as per detailed scope mentioned in tender specifications for a period of one year.#*. Routine, preventive, Break-down, and shut down maintenance of 6.6KV and 415 V AC switch-gears, 220 V and 24 V DC power supply systems, ESP control panels and other local control panels and associated equipments, battery banks, battery charger, local push button stations and power receptacles, HT and LT power and control cables installed at various locations under switch-gears mtc. Cell of 2x210 MW stage-l and 2x250MW stage-ll, GHTP.#*. preventive, breakdown and shutdown maintenance of 220KV and 66KV C&R panels, Drs, SER, GPS, GRP, GCDP, static and digital AVR, RTC panels, protection system installed on 6.6KV and 415V switch-gears and other panels including meters, VFDs, 6.6KV bus transfer system, fire detection and alarm system, telephone exchanges and public address system installed in plant and power colony for 2x20MTW stage-l and 2x250MTW stage-ll GHTP.
Sector Railways Transport Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Punjab - India Ref.No 20702412
Closing Date 23 - Dec - 2016  |  12 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Torque Convertor - Hub Oil Seal, Carrier Bearing, Ht Hex Blt M24 X 90 10.9g, A Key Draw Heavy, P/L Lining Kit, B Brake Plate Assy - 4/5t Sb, Brake Pipe Assy. Long, Steering Knuckle Lh, Gx5, A Brake Pipe Assy.-Short, Flywheel Hsg, S.S. Exhaust Pipe, Hose Radiator To Trans. Oil Filter, Seal Oil (Hub Seal Small), Pump Main (Dowty), Hose Hyd. Valve, Ht Hex Nut Ht H24 X 3p, H.T. Hex Blt M16 X 60 8.8g For Godrej Fork Lift Trucks.
Sector Roads Tender Value Rs. 1.95 Lakh
Location Punjab - India Ref.No 20697942
Closing Date 17 - Dec - 2016  |  6 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Filter Element & Seal, Hose, Lever P/109 F/1, 'O' Ring, Fuel Suction Hose, Fuel Suction Hose (Index-B-204), Fuel Return Hiose (Index-B-204), Retainer Spring(P-103 F-12) P/106, F/10, Water Strainer(P-103 F-14), Special Bolt(P-109 F-05), Nylock Nut(P-109 F-06), Anti Vibration Mount(P-202 F-05), Hose P-203 I-02), Restrictor Indicator(P-203 F-19), Gasket(P-204 F-12), Stop Cable(P-205 F-13), Throttle Cable(P-205 F-24-1), Fr Cable(P-205 F-24-2), Fuel Pipe 2 Mtr(P-206 F-13), Fuel Pipe 700 Mm(P-206 F-14), Fuel Pipe 01 Mtr(P-206 F-15), Leak Hose(P-206 F-16), Vaccutor Valve With Hose, Clip(P-203,F-18, Hex Bolt(Koel Kit) P/204 F/4, Lock Nut Brass(P-204,F-8), Water Sprinkler Tube Assy P/301, F/5, Scrapper Blade P/109 F/2-1, Punched Washer P/109 F/7, Nipple 1/2" P/301 F/4, Anti Vibration Pad P/101 F/35, Gasket P/103 F/9, Hose Clip P/301 I-02, Water Pump P/301 I-02, Gasket, Ball Valve P/301 I-02, Bow, Hose P/307 F/10, Water Filter Assy ( P/301), Element Air Cleaner, Nozzle P/301, End Cap P/301, Oil Level Indicator, Breather Cap, Rubber Gasket, Hex Bolt, Asbestos Rope Cp 204, Set Of Bolt M12x1.25x50, Fuel Filter.
Sector Roads Tender Value Rs. 1.95 Lakh
Location Punjab - India Ref.No 20681720
Closing Date 16 - Dec - 2016  |  5 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply Of Cat A Spare - 'O' Ring, Coupling Element, Gasket, Control Filter Service Kit, Body Check Valve Service Kit, Y Type Strainer Service Kit, Oil Check Valve Service Kit, Oil Filter Service Kit, Gasket, Ball Valve (Rc 3/4" ), Clow Coupling, Pop Safety Valve Ri 1/2, Seperator Element Assy, Air Cleaner S/Kit, Air Cleaner S/Kit, Rubber Sleeve Top & Bottom, Anti Vibration Pad, Rubber Below, Lip Seal, Rubber Hose P/15, Gasket, Discharge Pipe, Gasket, Oil Level Sight Glass, Rubber Elbow, Jubilee Clip, Air Cleaner Assy, Pipe, Filter Service Indicator, Jubilee Clip, O Ring, Gasket Cover Cylinder, Cable Hamess, Temperature Gaudge, Hose 9/16 0.33mtr, Hose 9/16 1mtr, Hose 9/16 1.8mtr, Hose 7/16 0.45, Hose 7/16 2 Mtr, Hose 9/16 1 Mtr, Pressure Gauge, O Ring, Oil Hose (Receiver/By Pass To, Cool, Oil Hose (Manifold To Air End In, Oil Hose (Str Manifold To, Coller), Oil Hose (Y Str Manifold Bay Pass, Manifold (4way) Outlet Oil, Filter, Hose 9/16-1.5, Hose 9/16-1.8 Mtr, Hose 9/16-2mtr, Hose 9/16-05 Mtr, Hose 7/16-12 Mtr, Hose 9/16-0.8 Mtr, Bearing, Nozzle, Bearing Rotor, Gasket Nozzle, Servo Cylinder Service Kit, Sonic Nozzle, Quick Exhaust Valve, Diaphragm.
Sector Security Services Tender Value Rs. 2 Lakh
Location Punjab - India Ref.No 20749295
Closing Date 15 - Dec - 2016  |  4 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of spares parts of genr sets, liner block assy (15 kva), packing kit (15 kva), crank repair (15 kva), main set (15 kva), cr bearing (15 kva), oil seal set (15 kva), vaf volt mtr (15 kva), oil pressure pipe (15 kva), nozzle testing (15 kva), fip testing (15 kva), Oil Filter (15 kva), fuel filter (15 kva), all electric panel repair (30 kva), vaf volt meter (30 kva), hrs meter (30 kva), ct coil (30 kva), mcb 4 pole (30 kva), hrc fuse (30 kva), panel lock (30 kva), emergency stopper (30 kva), water temperature guage (30 kva), starting switch (30 kva), piston assy (30 kva), ring set (30 kva), sleeve (30 kva), big and bearing set (30 kva), small and bearing set(30 kva), crank grinding (30 kva), head gasket set (30 kva), oil seal set (30 kva), valve set (30 kva), gasket set (30 kva), main bearing (30 kva), intermediate bearing (30 kva), air fan complete (6 kva), injector nozzle (6 kva), pump assy (6 kva), oil pressure pipe (6 kva), lp set (6 kva), foundation (6 kva), filter body (6 kva), fuel pipe set (6 kva), running rectifier (6 kva), air cleaner (6 kva), fuel tank complete (6 kva), armature winding (6 kva), filed coil winding (6 kva), o/h complete (6 kva), o/h complete (7.5 kva), alternator winding (7.5 kva), piston ring set (7.5 kva), sleeve (7.5 kva), inlet/exhaust valve (7.5 kva), pump element (7.5 kva), injector nozzle (7.5 kva), head gasket (7.5 kva), fuel filter (7.5 kva), Oil Filter (7.5 kva), completer cooling sys rubber hose set (7.5 kva), alternator armature (7.5 kva), alternator field coil (7.5 kva).
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